Mission Statement

The California Community Colleges Student Financial Aid Administrators Association is founded on three fundamental principles that define the mission of the Association:

First, accessibility to higher education is essential to the development of human potential and the human condition; and financial aid is an essential access vehicle to higher education; and

Second, that the effective administration of financial aid programs require accurate, current and focused information on federal and state legislation and regulations governing student financial aid programs; and

Third, communication between members of the profession, government agencies, and private and community organizations is critical to the development of effective financial aid programs and the advancement of the profession.

To achieve this mission, the Association will:

  1. Provide training through regional meetings, workshops, statewide conferences and other related activities and services;
  2. Keep the membership apprised of changing legislation, regulations and policies and procedures that will affect the administration of financial aid programs;
  3. Monitor and respond to state and federal issues that will adversely affect the community college student population;
  4. Advocate for adequate funding for student financial aid programs and accessibility to higher education;
  5. Network with other governmental agencies, community organizations and associations to seek support on common issues; and
  6. Work through the existing formal process to bring forward issues, to increase awareness and to seek support on issues that affect students.