Member Benefits

Download a copy of our Membership Brochure (pdf)

CCCSFAAA offers:

  • A chance for financial aid professionals to improve their competence by attending conferences, workshops and the opportunity to serve in the organization.
  • Annual 2-3 day Conference and Chancellor's Office trainings
  • Annual one day Training Conferences in northern and southern California.
  • Access to the online CCCSFAAA Membership Directory
  • A venue for sharing of regulatory interpretation, sharing of implementation strategies, and sharing of philosophical underpinnings of both federal and state aid delivery.
  • Access to professionals who are invited to participate as presenters in the conferences.
  • Possibilities for involvement and professional growth in the planning and coordinating of conference events.
  • Possibilities for involvement and professional growth by participating on the CCCSFAAA Executive Board in various capacities or as a volunteer member of a committee.
  • Networking opportunities with financial aid professionals and staff.