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2015 Conference Presentations

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Supporting Educational Success for Current and Former Foster Youth
Students who have been in foster care system often struggle more than other students to remain in college and be successful. The life experience of these students however can also lead to greater levels of resiliency and determination and with the proper support, foster youth can beat the odds and be successful students. This workshop will review the unique needs of foster youth, strategies for successfully serving them and provide practical tips and tools for linking these young people to specialized resources available to support them to turn their dreams into degrees. Presenter:
Debbie Raucher, California College Pathways Project Director, John Burton Foundation
SSSP and Student Equity
What role does the financial aid office hold in student success? Campuses across the state are writing SSSP and Student Equity Plans. How will campuses provide access, engage and retain students for greater success? How do campuses identify the disproportionate impact on identified groups of students? Will financial aid be the supporting link or missing link? Presenter:
Sandra Hamilton Slane, Associate Dean of Student Services, Shasta College
How to Support Undocumented Students (repeat session)
This session will provide a broad overview of the social and educational issues and challenges facing AB 540 and other undocumented students and suggestions for educators on how to develop and strengthen programs to serve them on our campuses. The presenter will share his experiences and underscore the important role we have in supporting and promoting access and success on our campuses. An update on the California Dream Act, DACA, DAPA and other policy issues will be provided. Presenter:
Rodrigo Dorado, Outreach Manager, Educators for Fair Consideration - www.e4fc.com
The "I Can Afford College" campaign is a statewide, financial aid awareness initiative that is sponsored by the California Community Colleges. The heart of the campaign is our bilingual English and Spanish website, icanaffordcollege.com, which recently underwent a complete re-design and was launched in March 2014. This interest session will include an overview of the new website and other program activities, as well as information on the various resources and materials we have available to the California community college financial aid offices. Presenter:
Paige Marlatt Dorr, Director of Communications, I Can Afford College
Lindsey Pangburn, Program Manager, I Can Afford College
Cal Grants, WebGrants and You
Join the California Student Aid Commission staff for an overview of the Cal Grant program: application, awarding, notifications, school payments and reconciliation. We'll review functions in WebGrants that will help you in assisting your students and provide resources that will support you in the very important work that you do! Presenter:
Christine Draa, California Student Aid Commisssion
The Bluebook Regulations and Handbook
Come to this session if you want to learn basic tips and tricks (or get a refresher if you're rusty!) for navigating the Handbook and the Blue Book. If time allows, we may even get as wild and crazy as to dive into California legislation and the Code of Federal Regulations! Presenter:
Michael Dear, Director of Financial Aid, Mira Costa Community College
Consumer Info Checklist

Disclosure Requirements Template

Consumer Information
See how you can find what your college is supposed to be sharing with the public. We will be discussing the new Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and showing some examples of how this can be presented on your website. Presenter:
Brian Heinemann, Financial Aid Director, Copper Mountain College
Effective Partnerships to Promote Student Success
We all want our students to succeed. And, while we can do much to help them on our own, collaborating with others - both individuals and organizations - can be even more impactful. Join this session to learn how to create effective partnerships, hold effective meetings and communicate with your partners, and keep the momentum moving forward toward ever greater success for your students and for you. Presenter:
Jacqueline Carroll, Campus Engagement and Education Consultant, ASA
Best Practices - Birds of a Feather
Are you new or seasoned to Financial Aid? Here you may learn and discover what makes the office work! Keeping your policies and procedures up to date and when to do them. Making the web easy for students and parents. Know the key players on and off campus. How to pick your battles? How to choose the right staff and students. Hopefully, you can walk away learning one or more ways that will help you become an effective administrator. Presenter:
John Muskavitch, Director of Financial Aid, Crafton Hills College
Dream Act...What you need to know
Who is a Dreamer? What is AB 2000? How does DACA affect financial aid applications? Attend this session to learn all about the CA Dream Act. Plus, we'll share best practices some schools have employed to increase payment rates and ease the verification process. Presenter:
Kirby Jones, California Student Aid Commission
How to Support Undocumented Students
This session will provide a broad overview of the social and educational issues and challenges facing AB 540 and other undocumented students and suggestions for educators on how to develop and strengthen programs to serve them on our campuses. The presenter will share his experiences and underscore the important role we have in supporting and promoting access and success on our campuses. An update on the California Dream Act, DACA, DAPA and other policy issues will be provided. Presenter:
Rodrigo Dorado, Outreach Manager, Educators for Fair Consideration - www.e4fc.com
Tweet This: Social Media Simplified! @yourschool #youcandoit
You've heard of Facebook and Twitter. You might even have an account. But maybe you're not really sure how your students or alums are interacting with social media or how you might engage with them in these social spaces. Join this session as we share recent data about young adult social media use and how other schools are using this information to lead successful social media efforts on their campuses. You'll walk away with the social media basics that will have you posting and tweeting in no time. Presenter:
Jacqueline Carroll, Campus Engagement and Education Consultant, ASA
Fraud and Abuse - Fraud Prevention Plans
This presentation will be an overview of Fraud and Abuse in Title IV programs. The Office of Inspector General will provide information about their mission, recent trends and cases in Title IV Fraud cases. Presenter:
Natelie M. Forbert, Special Agent in Charge, Office of Inspector General Adam Shanedling, Special Agent, Office of Inspector General
Helping Veteran Students Transition to College Life

Making Loans Work
This session will focus on the issues facing student veterans returning to the classroom and ways to help ease their transition. Examples of best practices will be shared. Presenter:
Deborah Griffin, Director of Financial Aid/Veterans Certifying Official, Ohlone College
Enrollment Priority and BOGFW - Regulatory Changes

Flowchart BOG Fee Waiver with Examples

Enrollment Priority and BOGFW
Get ready to help your students understand the new regulatory changes affecting Enrollment Priority and the BOG Fee Waiver. We will review the nuts and bolts of these regulatory changes by using a flowchart approach and go over different scenarios. Come and learn about the regulations, the student impact and the appeals - be prepared to answer your students' questions! Presenter:
Ruby Nieto, California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office
Grant Delivery System Modernization

The California Student Aid Commission asks you about a new Grant Delivery System. Please attend one of these very important sessions to share your school's needs with the Commission. We want to hear from you about the features you would like to see in a new system; what functions would speed your payment process, what reports would aid you in your job and what enhancements could be put into place that would improve the system overall? Now is your chance to give us this most important feedback! Presenter:
Janet McDuffie, California Student Aid Commission
R2T4 for Modules
This session will focus on the Return of Title IV (R2T4) funds when a student withdraws from a program that is either taught within modules or has modules in the program. Examples will be discussed for both clock- and credit-hour scenarios. Presenter:
Bruce Honer, Training Officer, US Department of Education, Region IX
This does not stand for Free Eggs Rejected during Packaging Act, but it can get very smelly all the same. See how and why this works and discuss ways to help your office stay compliant. Presenter:
Wilbert A. Lleses, Contra Costa Community College District
Managing Financial Literacy and Default Prevention in 60 Minutes or Less
"I don't have time to focus on these areas" Have you ever uttered those words? We know that as a busy administrator, you have many tasks and often these areas are not primary, yet we all know how important they are. In this presentation we will reveal simple strategies and tips to help you manage financial literacy and default prevention activities with your limited time, yet gain big results. We will share what tasks, ideas and efforts can produce the biggest results with minimal time. Presenter:
Rosemary Martinez-Kepford, School Relations Director - California, ECMC Greg Kerr, School Relations Director - Western Region, ECMC
Making Loans Work: Running Successful Federal Loan Programs at Community Colleges
Where grants and savings fall short, federal loans allow students to afford college without using riskier forms of credit or working excessive hours. This past summer TICAS and ACCT co-released a report, Protecting Colleges and Students: Community College Strategies to Prevent Default, which takes a unique look at how nine schools across the country - including Grossmont College - are working to help students avoid default. We will also discuss our 2014 report, At What Cost? How Community Colleges that Do Not Offer Federal Loans Put Students at Risk, which includes an in-depth look at declining loan access in California. Come join a discussion with your colleagues about the successes and challenges of offering federal loans, and how we can run thoughtful loan programs that help students enroll full time and graduate while minimizing risks for both students and schools. Presenter:
Laura Szabo-Kubitz, The Institute for College Access & Success (TICAS)
How Financial Aid fits in with Academic Success
Would streamlining the financial aid process ensure academic success for a student? Does having the awareness of the financial needs of our student populations assist in their academic success? A study conducted within a California Community College Financial Aid Office, exposes a list of needs requested by students. Sit in on this session to take a look into critical factors students' encounter academically and how coordinating our processes can enable a better academic experience. Presenter:
Connie Barton, Director of Financial Aid, Shasta College
150% SULA
Three major FSA systems are used to implement Subsidized Usage Limit Applies (SULA) requirements - COD, NSLDS, and CPS. Each system has a unique role in receiving, evaluating, monitoring, storing and reporting SULA data, all of the systems are linked and are mutually dependent. This session will talk about how we can remain compliant and help us understand how this works. Presenter:
Bruce Honer, Training Officer, US Department of Education, Region IX
2015 - 2016 Verification
In this presentation, we will go over 2015 - 2016 Verification requirements and Unusual Enrollment History (UEH). We will also discuss common issues associated with verification and some key trends. Presenter:
Brian Heinemann, Director of Financial Aid Copper Mountain College
One size doesn't fit all? Developing a Default Prevention Plan for YOUR school
Ever wonder who the students are that end up defaulting on their student loans? Want to learn more about them so you can improve future borrower success? Need to write up your school's default prevention plan and don't know where to start? This session will review the elements of an FSA/regulation-required default prevention plan, the core concepts and core components of any effective default prevention effort, and a discussion of targeted efforts versus general best practices. Learn how to identify students who have elevated default risk, and learn to spot default prevention opportunities in every aspect of institutional operation. Presenter:
John Pierson, Parker/Pierson and Associates Ron Parker, Parker/Pierson and Associates
SAP 301 - What's next?
You've learned the basics in his SAP 101 presentation and learned about Best Practices in his SAP 201 presentation, so it's time for SAP 301. Learn about what's on the horizon for SAP. Considering the federal and state pushes for more accountability (heard of SULA? SSSP? The always-present Gainful Employment rules?) and oversight, it's time for all of us to take a good look at our SAP policies and processes to make sure we're accomplishing what we (and all of our overseers) expect. Presenter:
Dennis Schroeder, Director of Financial Aid, Los Angeles Mission College
Oracle PeopleSoft - Birds of a Feather
Join the Oracle Team in learning more about PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. The team will provide an overview of Oracle's investment in Higher Education, a roadmap of upcoming product updates, and live demonstration of key features and functionality. After the presentation portion of the session the Oracle team will take questions from the audience. Presenter:
John Loera, Sr. Sales Consultant, Oracle Higher Education & Research Team Ian Lasics, Principals Solutions Consultant, Oracle Higher Education & Research Team
Cash Course - CCCCO's Financial Literacy Project
The CCCCO commenced a system-wide default prevention initiative in the summer of 2013 to address both short and long term loan default issues at both the State and school level in a variety of ways. As part of such initiative, the CCCCO system-wide Financial Literacy Initiative was created.

The CCCCO has partnered with the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) to use its free CashCourse® financial literacy product -used by 700 colleges nationwide. Join us to learn more about the CCCCO's goals for this system-wide financial literacy project. We will review the three phases for implementation on your campus and the resources available to help you along the way.
Ruby Nieto, California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office John Pierson, Parker/Pierson and Associates
Don't get stung - Security of Student Data
Ever wonder what you can do to ensure the security of student data at your institution? Do you know what to ask your technology partners before signing up? The prospect seams daunting doesn't it? In an age where students are more familiar with an IPad than a fax machine and email attachments provide no protection institutions need to do more. Come learn about security best practices for data to ensure the technology you are using will mitigate risk posed to your institution. Presenter:
Chris Chumley, COO CampusLogic John Manaloto, CTO CampusLogic
Federal Update   Presenter:
Jeff Baker

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