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December 2009

Brad Hardison
2009 CCCSFAAA President

All Hands on Deck

Last year when I spoke at the CCCSFAAA Conference, I spoke of how the "calling to volunteer" had been a part of my life growing up and how my parents had been a big part of that. They are here today with me as they were last year to complete the circle. One of the many activities I shared with my parents as a kid was sailing. I remember how much work it was but how rewarding as well. I also recall what a team effort is involved by all the crew on a boat.

Today, I would like to reflect on my 2009 year as CCCSFAAA President and how a group of volunteers (crew) - your CCCSFAAA Board made so much happen for our community college students and financial aid administrators. When I say that I received so much more out of my involvement with CCCSFAAA than I put in, I truly believe that. I think the same could be said of many of my colleagues up here on the stage with me. The relationships and friendships I have created are memorable and meaningful to me. When you work closely with others on issues you are passionate about, I believe you create strong bonds.

I also gained first hand information and was invited to be at the table when issues of financial aid policy or regulations were being discussed. As a CCCSFAAA officer and President, my role was to steer the organization and make sure we were in the room when issues of importance to community college financial aid were being discussed. It definitely took a team of dedicated and humble board members to do that on our ship. Our organization is fortunate to have individuals willing to give freely of their time above and beyond their responsibilities within their offices.

When I began the year, our board had developed several goals we wanted to pursue. Goals of this nature are sometimes not completed but rather progress is made toward them over several years. When steering a ship, you must make course corrections to account for hazards in your path or opportunities that are nearby. CCCSFAAA members and financial aid administrators are good at being adaptable to such changes and always looking for how challenges can be turned into benefits for students.

My work in financial aid is always guided by how we can serve students better. I spoke of that several times in my President's Messages. I would ask each of you to consider using that same compass - in your life as it relates to our profession. My compass has served me well in decisions I make in my office or directions or positions CCCSFAAA may take. Much of the time spent in CCCSFAAA Board Meetings is consumed with talking about issues and what is best for students. I am proud to work with a group of colleagues that believe in putting service and access to students first.

The work of CCCSFAAA in the past, now and in the future is done by volunteers. I am inspired when I see others willing to offer their expertise and assistance to future the mission of our organization. I want to mention a few of my mentors and individuals who have inspired me in this way. Beth Asmus - College of the Canyons, Toni Dubois, formerly of Long Beach City College and now Fullerton College and Craig Yamamoto, formerly of Sierra College and now Sacramento State University. This is but of few of my mentors and guides in life.

As I said earlier, the relationships and friendships I have gained are immeasurable. Beth, Toni and Craig are but a few examples of this. The most important person in my life is my husband, Nicolas. Many of you know him as he is always by my side both physically and emotionally to support me. He too volunteers for CCCSFAAA and is always willingly to help me in tasks needing attention.

As our CCCSFAAA ship comes into port and my time as captain comes to an end, I know that the journey embarked on by your 2010 CCCSFAAA Board will be both rewarding and vital. We need your help as CCCSFAAA members so when Jacque calls - "All hands on deck", please respond. You will be blessed like I with relationships and inner rewards you could not imagine. Thank you for allowing me to serve as your 2009 CCCSFAAA President.

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