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September 2009

Brad Hardison
2009 CCCSFAAA President

Students, Students and More Students!

By the time you are reading this, your Fall semester should be well underway. If your office is anything like mine, we have been experiencing high walk in and phone traffic for two weeks prior to the start of our term and that’s with being current with processing as of early August.

This, of course, reminds me why we are so needed by the students we serve. We all know that the downturn in the economy is hitting our students and families very hard. Not surprisingly they turn to our offices for assistance to help finance their community college education. If we are lucky, we have the same number of staff to serve more students. In some cases, we have had a reduction in staff to assist an ever growing financial aid population.

The one bright note was the fact that the BFAAP-SFA funds were not cut in 2009 - 2010 like many other categorical programs (EOPS, DSPS, etc). I have to tell you that CCCSFAAA played a role in explaining to legislators and staff the difference of our program versus other programs. I want to especially thank President Elect, Jacque Bradley and the State Issues Committee for their tireless work in writing letters and testifying before committees.

Not only are we seeing record increases in applications but our funds have not experienced any cost of living increases since the inception. Other categorical programs have had that built into their programs during good revenue years. Thus, the buying power of our BFAAP-SFA has been eroding especially with the increase in salaries and benefits over time. I know many offices are struggling to keep existing financial aid staff with increasing costs and no new money.

It does not appear that the 2010 – 2011 state budget will be any better than this year's budget. We need to stay poised to advocate strongly for the programs that matter to us and in some cases allow reductions where absolutely necessary. Your support of CCCSFAAA assists us with doing that.

The other main mission of CCCSFAAA besides advocacy is training. Our premier training event of the year is our annual conference. Our conference this year is Thursday, December 10th through Saturday, December 12th in San Jose, California. Please refer to the newsletter articles about the conference in this issue for more details.

With the changes in regulation, it is essential we stay current with what we are responsible for. The CCCSFAAA conference helps us in doing that in the large range of program offerings. Please speak with your supervisor about attending. I would love to see great statewide participation. Remember that BFAAP-SFA funds can be used for this type of training. For those of you within driving distance of San Jose, we offer a one day registration on Friday for $195.00. That is a great deal if you cannot afford to attend the entire conference and pay for hotel lodging. You still get one full day of conference offerings. Sign up for the conference and make hotel arrangements now!

I look forward to seeing many of you in San Jose in December!

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