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June 2007

Beth Asmus
2007 CCCSFAAA President

I can’t believe that half of my presidency is already in the past.  The first six months have zoomed by at warp speed.  As you read this, you are probably sitting at your desk shaking your head in disbelief that it’s already summer and time to wrap up priority student packaging for the 2007-2008 academic year.

One of my mentors, many years ago, told me that if you wanted to get something done, you should ask the busiest person on campus.  Well, just maybe that person is me.  It’s also all of the people who serve as your elected CCCSFAAA executive board members, or those who chair a CCCSFAAA committee.  It is also the many, many volunteers who serve our association year-round, and sometimes year after year.  We are the busiest people, and together we have accomplished much in the first half of 2007. 

  • Day At The Capitol event
  • Spring Trainings
  • Testifying at the State Capitol on legislative bills
  • Testifying at the federal hearing on the “Affordability of Textbooks” (go to http://www.ed.gov/acsfa to view the “Turn the Page” Report)
  • Writing letters of support (or opposition) on many California legislative bills
  • Presentations at every California Student Aid Commission meeting
  • Bylaws change to add new office, treasurer-elect, to executive board and a “lifetime” category to the annual awards
  • Treasurer-Elect nominations and special election
  • Countless conference calls
  • And meetings, meetings, meetings

There is still much work to accomplish before the 2007 Conference in San Francisco on December 13 – 15.  We need to nominate and elect a new CCCSFAAA board for 2008; maintain our vigilance on State and Federal legislation, such as the Student Loan Sunshine Bill, Reauthorization, Reconciliation and Pell Tuition Sensitivity; manage and monitor the financial aid programs we administer and the students we serve to identify potential issues of concern; and of course, plan and carry-out a “successful annual conference”.

Speaking of the newly approved Treasurer-Elect position, CCCSFAAA is pleased to announce that Debbie Soria (Cabrillo College) has been elected to serve as the inaugural Treasurer-Elect.  She will serve as Treasurer-Elect for the balance of 2007 and then will transition to Treasurer for 2008, as this is a two-year office.  Welcome to the CCCSFAAA Executive Board! 

Although there are always competing priorities, one of the most critical issues at this moment is the new 2007-2008 CSAC Institutional Participation Agreement which must be executed by all institutions participating in the Cal Grant Program. There are four areas of change which require your immediate attention:

  • Interest Bearing Accounts
  • Final Cal Grant reconciliation deadline extended to December 31
  • New Information Security Requirements
  • IPA duration is only one year: July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2008

All colleges must submit this one-year IPA to the California Student Aid Commission by June 22, 2007. (NOTE: Your current IPA expires on June 30, 2007.)  The Commission will continue its discussions with its stakeholders on the issues of California residency, high school graduation confirmation, maintenance of Cal Grant funds in separate accounts, and other remaining issues over the coming months, with the goal of a fully-revised IPA for the 2008-2009 academic year to be implemented by July 1, 2008.

Another change which significantly impacts the California Community Colleges is the Cal Grant Entitlement Program Post High School Certification (G-8 Form).  This too must be implemented for the 2007-2008 academic year.  CCCSFAAA leadership has worked closely with the California Student Aid Commission and the Grant Advisory Committee for months hoping to demonstrate that there is no need for this documentation for the Cal Grant Entitlement students.  The Commission based upon a legal opinion from the Attorney General’s Office now requires a post graduation certification documentation that a Cal Grant Entitlement student has completed the California high school graduation requirements. Their rationale centers on the fact that the student is reporting an “Expected Graduation Date” when filing their FAFSA or early admissions application. This impacts the Community Colleges to the greatest degree of all the segments of higher education in California as our colleges typically do not collect a high school transcript prior to a student’s admission or enrollment.  The G-8 form, or a high school transcript, or the completion of an equivalency exam such as the GED or California High School Proficiency Exam, must be retained in the student’s file to satisfy this new Cal Grant Entitlement program requirement for audit compliance.  CSAC has confirmed that they will permit schools to develop their own documentation form provided it includes a POST graduation certification statement which must signed by the student to certify his or her “graduation” from high school.

Good news came in April with the announcement that Dr. Yasmin Delahoussaye, Vice President of Student Services at Los Angeles Valley College, had been appointed by the Governor to the California Student Aid Commission as the California Community College representative.  Dr. Delahoussaye’s appointment comes after a long vacancy without a community college voice at the table.  CCCSFAAA welcomed Dr. Delahoussaye at a recent board meeting in Riverside, briefing her on critical community college financial aid issues.  We look forward to working with her in the future.   

Did you hear?  Past-President Karen Micalizio is looking for YOU!  If you have ever thought about running for a CCCSFAAA leadership position, now is the time to make your intention or desire known.  Look for a call for nominations soon!  You can have a colleague nominate you, or you can self-nominate, for one of the following 2008 CCCSFAAA executive board positions

  • President-Elect (must be from the South – this is a three year commitment)
  • Vice President (must be from the North)
  • Treasurer—Elect (this is a two year commitment)
  • Secretary

On June 21st, CCCSFAAA, CASFAA and CLFE will be giving another command performance at the California Student Aid Commission meeting in Rancho Cordova.  Our presentations have been very well received by the Commissioners and are geared to increase their awareness about the student and institutional perspective of the delivery of our State aid programs. To date, we have presented “History & Student Eligibility” at the November 29, 2006 meeting and “Affordability, Accountability & Responsibility” on February 22, 2007. Once a presentation has been given, the PowerPoint (with speaker notes) is then posted to the State Issues page on the CCCSFAAA website.  You are encouraged to view these presentations, and it is hoped that you will find them useful in your efforts to help educate your college administration about what you do in financial aid.

The 2007 CCCSFAAA Annual Conference will be here before you know it!  This year’s conference theme, “Each One Reach One”, reminds us of the value and impact we have on students, and with each other. CCCSFAAA is proud that its members continue to work tirelessly, and with the utmost of integrity, on behalf of the students we serve who seek to fulfill their dream of a college education.  Brad Hardison, Conference Chair, has asked me to remind you that the 2007 CCCSFAAA conference will be held in beautiful San Francisco on December 13 – 15th and, that those dates fall on a Thursday – Saturday pattern.  The Conference Committee has also decided to provide attendees with the Annual Financial Aid Directory via a PDF file rather than a printed copy. 

CCCSFAAA is beginning its “Go Green” campaign.  There are two reasons for this. Naturally, the first is being kinder to the environment by using fewer resources, and the second is M-O-N-E-Y!!!!  This forward thinking by the Executive Board is quite timely since we anticipate the potential for reduced sponsorship income from our partners as a result of the uncertainty, misperception and politicization regarding our profession and the student loan ethics controversy.  The first “Go Green” idea approved by the Board is that of providing conference attendees with a USB Flash Drive loaded with a PDF version of the CCCSFAAA Financial Aid Directory, 2007 edition. (NOTE: Members already have the ability to search and/or print the membership directory from the association website.) Another idea under consideration for CCCSFAAA’s “Go Green” campaign is to post a PDF version of the newsletter on the website and simply send an email notification to the membership, rather than producing, printing, and mailing hard-copy newsletters. You’ll be hearing more about this second idea in the future.

CCCSFAAA is proud to join with our sister association NCASFAA, and other financial aid associations across the country to work tirelessly for individuals who want a college education!

All the best,

Beth Asmus
CCCSFAAA President

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