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May/June 2007

Beth Asmus
2007 CCCSFAAA President

It’s almost summer! Although the March 2nd Cal Grant deadline has long ago come and gone, the California Community College financial aid offices across the state are gearing up to provide on-going student financial aid presentations and workshops, and are putting the final touches on their May Financial Aid Awareness Month events.  The “I Can Afford College” television and radio campaign has collaborated with CCCSFAAA to create for the first-time ever a media blitz that promotes the message that “Financial aid is available year round at your local community college” during the month of May and June.  This is great news for a student who decides to attend a California Community College and may think that they missed the financial aid deadline for the 2007-2008 academic year.  Remember to continue to register your college financial aid outreach events year-round on the “I Can” website (www.icanaffordcollege.com) to help promote your workshops and events to potential financial aid students.

Exciting new legislative bills and carry-over bills from last year’s legislative session, are scheduled for hearings and beginning to move through the legislative process in Sacramento. There are many bills relating to financial aid that the State Issues Committee and California Community Colleges Chancellors Office are keeping a watchful eye on and have placed on the CCCSFAAA Legislative Watch List.  Be sure to check the CCCSFAAA website for the latest information.

Additionally, CCCSFAAA has sent letters on behalf of its members to:

  • Support the appointment of Dr. Yasmin Delahoussaye, Vice President Student Services at Los Angeles Valley College, to the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) to serve as the California Community Colleges commissioner.
  • Assembly members George Miller and Howard “Buck” McKeon for HR 990 in support of the elimination of Pell Tuition Sensitivity for California Community College students. 
  • Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein in appreciation for their authoring of the Senate bill (S 707) also in support of the Pell Grant Equity Act.
  • Laura Kerr of the California State Student Association (CSSA) for her advocacy on student financial aid issues during her tenure at the California State University Office of the Chancellor.
  • And, most importantly, the California Student Aid Commission with comments on the Draft Institutional Participation Agreement to support of the Grant Advisory Committee recommendations and to bring forth community college issues on the proposed changes to the Commission staff.

Kudos to State Issues Chair, Kris Shear (Santa Rosa Junior College) who created a very successful day of legislative advocacy for CCCSFAAA’s Day At The Capitol event on March 28, 2007 in Sacramento.  Linda Michalowski (Vice-Chancellor, California Community Colleges System Office) and Patricia Hurley (Glendale College) provided updates on the Federal NegReg committees; Steve Caldwell and Diana Fuentes-Michel provided a synopsis of state legislation from the perspective of the California Student Aid Commission; Sam Kipp (EdFund) provided an overview of legislation, both state and federal, affecting the student loan program programs. The Day at the Capitol culminated with CCCSFAAA member visits to their state legislator’s offices to increase awareness and promote advocacy on community college student financial aid issues.

CCCSFAAA Spring Training provided the members a full day of training during the first two weeks of April. Site hosts included Mt. San Jacinto College, College of the Canyons, and Las Positas College.  Past-President Karen Micalizio, also this year’s Training Committee Chair, assembled a variety of interest sessions which offered something for veteran financial aid staff and “newbie” staff alike. More than 300 CCCSFAAA members took advantage of this year’s training. On behalf of CCCSFAAA, I join Karen in extending an official THANK YOU to the many vendors and exhibitors who supported these training events this year and in year’s past.

On the State and Federal Issues front – we are still closely watching H 990 and S 707 the Pell Grant Equity Act which if passed will eliminate Pell tuition sensitivity for 2007-2008.  Then we must press for passage of the Higher Education Reauthorization Act by Congress and President Bush to really be rid of that demon. 
CCCSFAAA has created a workgroup to take a proactive approach on the Student Loan Sunshine Act.  We will be developing a “Code of Conduct” guide and a template for creation of your preferred lender list at the campus level.   Also, a PowerPoint presentation template will be developed and shared for communicating these student loan program issues with your dean, vice president, president, superintendent, chancellor and Board of Trustee members.

Be on the alert for a NEW Institutional Program Agreement (IPA) coming soon to you and your campus officials, as the current IPA expires June 30, 2007. The IPA is a required contract, signed by both your college and the California Student Aid Commission, for your participation in the Cal Grant programs. Changes in the NEW IPA include: Cal Grant funds must be maintained in interest-bearing accounts (with the interest returned to CSAC); a NEW post-high school confirmation form (called a G-8 Form) for all Cal Grant entitlement students; and, NEW computer security provisions for training of staff.

CCCSFAAA is pleased to announce two new liaison appointments to the Executive Board. Mark Alipio has joined us as the California Student Senate student representative.  Mark attends Cypress College and brings the value of a student’s perspective to our discussions at Executive Board meetings.  Also, upon a recent motion passed by the Board, a California Lenders for Education (CLFE) representative has been added to our board.  Donna Huber was officially welcomed as the CLFE Liaison to represent all student loan lenders and guarantors in the State of California.  Both Mark and Donna will provide CCCSFAAA with their unique perspectives, adding value during discussions, with their views and ideas.  Liaison appointees are non-voting members to the CCCSFAAA Executive Board and attend meetings at their own cost.

2007 CCCSFAAA Liaisons
Tim Bonnel - California Community Colleges System Office (CCCCO)
Bryan Dickason – California Student Aid Commission (CSAC)
Maria Escobar – EOP&S Association
Donna Huber – California Lenders for Education (CLFE)
Mark Alipio – California Student Senate Association (CSSA)
Nancy Davis – California Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (CASFAA) Segmental Representative (CCC)

The Chancellor’s Office has done it again.  They put together a great student services networking venue with the All Directors Training on April 23 – 25, 2007 at the Hyatt Regency at the San Francisco Airport, Burlingame.  This event, similar to the old Mega Conference format and sponsored by the California Community Colleges Chancellors Office, brought many of our student services colleagues together,  EOPS/CARE, CalWORKs, DSP&S, Matriculation and Financial Aid,  for the purpose of sharing  best practices, with an emphasis on serving all students.

Tim Bonnel arranged for the California Community Colleges Transfer Center professionals to join us for a few hours at the May 7th CCCSFAAA Executive Board meeting for an exchange of best practices with a focus on how our campuses might address serving transfer students with coordinated financial aid and transfer resources.  Both groups found the meeting to be a great forum for exchange of best practices and brainstorming ideas so we can better serve our community college to a four-year university transfer student populations.

CCCSFAAA will continue this effort of increasing awareness through the sharing of best practices at the upcoming 2007 CCCSFAAA Annual Conference on December 13 – 15th at the San Francisco Marriott.  With a conference theme of “Each One Reach One”, Conference Chair Brad Hardison and his committee members are busy making arrangements at this fabulous hotel, planning interesting sessions, securing engaging speakers, and making there is opportunity to make some special memories at the social events. The Conference Committee is gearing up to ensure we leave our hearts in San Francisco!  

CCCSFAAA has a new executive board position - Treasurer-Elect.  It is a 2 year commitment, serving the balance of this year 2007 as the treasurer-elect “in-training”, and then serving as treasurer for 2008. A special election will be held in May. Be sure to cast your vote for your colleagues in this special election! 

I’d like to extend you a personal invitation as a CCCSFAAA member to:

  • Attend an executive board meeting
  • Submit an article for the association newsletter
  • Get involved and grow professionally
  • Improve your job competency through participation in CCCSFAAA training and conferences
  • Run for an elected office
  • Serve as your Region’s representative to the CCCSFAAA Executive Board

CCCSFAAA members are entitled to a quarterly copy of the “CCCSFAAA News” and the CCCSFAAA Financial Aid Directory, access to the “Members Only” section on the website, benefits of reduced registration fees at training events, communication with all CCCSFAAA members via our listserv, and important breaking news blasts from the CCCSFAAA leadership and our partners!  CCCSFAAA is only as good as its volunteers – and we need YOU!  If YOU have an interest in serving your professional association but don’t know where to begin, please send me an email beth.asmus@canyons.edu.  I will get you connected with the right CCCSFAAA committee chair person - pronto!  

All the best,

Beth Asmus
CCCSFAAA President

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